NairaSwap Staking

Users are to deposit NGNS & earn 0.33% daily rewards; with the initial NGNS released at the end of the staking period.
Staking fee: 1.5%
Unstaking fee: 0.75%

De-Fi Lending and Borrowing

You can leverage on your crypto-assets to earn capital gains by using your tokens as collateral to obtain loans.

ATM Cards & Wallet

To fast-track payments and checkouts for our members, we will be providing wallet app and ATM Card services.


We understand the power of network effect in any ecosystem fuelled by the social capital of its users. Our affiliate marketing model is very simple and easy to on-board, as registration fee is below 100 USD, payable using NGNS only.


Voting and Governance

Members of the NaiaSwap community will have the power to vote on key issues using their NGNS tokens. To kickstart this governance, members will be voting the best yield farms and on the most lucrative crypto- asset to be added to the fund managment pool.

Fund Management Pool

Members of the NairaSwap community will maintain a pool of funds in multisignature wallets. The signatories to these wallets shall be nominated by community voting. The funds shall be allocated to the best high yielding farms and crypto assets, after community voting.

NGNS Liquidity Pool & Staking

Members of the NairaSwap community are the primary liquidity providers of liquidity for the exchange of NGNS/ETH pair. Swap fees will be applied, where the LP providers gets paids. LP and Staking is what fully empowers the community financially; hence members are advised to both stake and pool.


Our De-Fi ecosystem, consist of a non-mintable token NGNS (Naira Swap).

Token Name

Naira Swap

Token Symbol


Total Supply

30 K

Presale Price

1 ETH = 20 NGNS.




Download the litepaper and learn about our Token


Naira Swap APR

Per day